Coming up with clever ways to make people in your company feel appreciated shouldn’t be rocket science. Think of something like burger Wednesday.

Among the itsy bitsy ways of employee recognition is a banquet. Get all the workers together and take them for an enjoyable meal at a place they’ll feel genuinely appreciated.

Employees Banquet: Why it’s Important

Celebrating success, honoring employees and treating people with respect goes a long way to improve job morale, engagement and satisfaction. Make people feel as if they make a difference, and they eventually will.

Stephen Covey said that you should treat your staff the same way you want them to treat your best clients. Once in a while, treat them to a banquet, and the results will show in your bottom line.

As social beings, people like to belong. A Silicon Valley banquet at a place like Villa Ragusa will communicate to employees that they belong to a group of exceptional individuals.

Nevertheless, nothing communicates appreciation like a good meal paid for by someone else. Food is cultural at the core, and sharing it is a sign of abundance and celebration.

Do Something Memorable

Gifts and celebrations are the chocolate chips on the icing of employee appreciation. Make sure they are unique and represent something of significance. A gift with a company logo, with the employee’s name and signed by the team, will make them feel exceptional and reinforce the principles of the organization. It will motivate others to achieve similar success.

An honor-your-employees banquet may sound too simple for some people. However, the effect of such an event on staff is long-lasting. Make it a habit to appreciate every worker in your company, and you’d be surprised at the productivity levels they achieve, and which is the ideal.