A quinceañera, a rite of passage and part birthday party, marks an important milestone for Latino girls. It symbolizes an entrance to womanhood when the girl turns 15 and showcases her readiness for marriage.

But unlike in the past, a quinceañera celebration now has the trappings of modern bash, with live music and only a hint of the traditional practices depending on the family belief systems. Some popular party themes include Disney’s “Frozen.” This is blended with traditional dance and pop culture choreographs.

Making a Quinceañera Memorable

Teenage years are your daughter’s most important stage in life, and a party to celebrate her transition to womanhood should be up to level. Depending on how flexible the family is and the girl’s preference, the quinceañera can incorporate mainstream pop music.

The mariachis, dances and professional photography are all important in contemporary quinceañeras. There are also princess inspired dresses for the occasion, and depending on the budget, the family can organize a quinceañera horse-drawn carriage entrance. There is so much creativity to play around with when it comes to your daughter’s quinceañera.

The event is like a wedding, and the pomp and splendor that a wedding gets should also be accorded to your daughter transitioning to womanhood.

Most Latino parents have saved for a long time to treat this special stage in their daughter’s life as memorable as possible. Make it so through your choice of event space and other things.

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