Coronavirus has disrupted the work environment in an unprecedented manner. The COVID-19 restrictions have sent millions of people home to work remotely. The current challenge is to manage the workforce, and you will need to change your expectations for work to have things moving.

Sometimes, a face-to-face gathering may be important for remote workers to sustain morale and engagement. Apply the following guidelines.

Promote Healthy Behaviors that Minimize Spread

Advise the attendees or employees to stay home if they are showing any signs of infection. This includes those that have had close contact with the affected employees.

Require frequent handwashing with water and soap or the use of sanitizer. If you use transport vehicles such as vans or buses, they should sanitize frequently or wash their hands. Disinfect the vehicles before and after using them.

Everybody should have masks in the meeting, considering that it will be necessary to raise voices.

Maintain Social Distance

It is important to maintain a safe social distance in addition to the above measures. Most office spaces are not adequate for holding meetings and maintaining effective social distance.

The banquet hall at Villa Ragusa has 12,000 square feet of space and can handle various events and group sizes and maintain good social distance. Our staff will help you organize the tables and plan the gathering safely.

If the group is too large, consider combining safe gathering with a zoom call. Use technology whenever possible to minimize person-to-person contact.

People are hyper-social, and they long to belong to a group. Maintain communication as much as possible to prevent anxiety among the employees. Keep the communication cycle short by using instant messaging and video calls. Encourage them to contribute, challenge the status quo, and to learn for the sake of their self-esteem under the quarantine conditions.