The seminar is perhaps the most common event that planners will organize. Will the event be for skill building, inspiration, recognition, or specific training? These questions will guide you in preparing for the best experience for your guests from the event.

Plan for the Ideal Scenario

For each meeting or event, decide who needs to be a part of the plan. If you are looking for specific skills training, consider what experts need to speak. If it is to celebrate and inspire people, hire a motivational keynote speaker. If you need after-dinner entertainment, hire a funny keynote speaker or a comedian.

Once you have decided on and coordinated the key players, leadership experts, motivational speakers, seminar speakers, etc., it is time to get the word out about your event. Promote the keynote and seminar speaker, continuing professional development goals, and your theme.

The event planner must work closely with the event organizer/host because the event schedule will frequently change from the initial conversation until the actual day of the event. The event planner must be ready to adjust the plan and work closely with the venue to make sure everything runs smoothly. Your timing must be right!

You should consider several stakeholders when organizing this type of event. Firstly, you will need to determine the target audience. This step will be critical in your event planning. Your main target is everyone directly concerned and affected by the seminar theme.

Your Venue of Choice is Everything!

You choose an event based on several criteria. The first is capacity. The room must be airy and not crowded. Then, the second criterion to consider is the location. Access to the seminar should not be a problem. Once you have found a place that seems appropriate, Visit it. Our event rooms at Villa Ragusa are spacious and equipped to accommodate over 650 guests, with an environment and facilities that keep you and your guests relaxed.