Keeping up with the times is important, even for your event space for your business conference, meetup or company party. Following a new trend or two ups the game and makes for a more enjoyable time for employees and guests. Here are a few new ways of visualizing an event to part with the same old same old.

Event Space

Upcoming trends for event space gatherings shake things up a little. Some new ways of doing things grabs an attendee’s interest and gets their sense of wonder going. Out are the hotel ballrooms and windowless rooms in the basement at your company. In are fun and innovative surroundings.

Go Local!
For 2019, support your local unique event centers. The more interesting and unusual the building, the most enjoyable and special your event’s guests are going to be. So, find that old, elaborate bank building, the former church turned event center and building that used all recycled glass and plastic in its construction! The key is to find the most unique and awe-inspiring building, but sitting right there in your own city.

Match Your Brand
Try to find an event space that speaks to your brand. If your event will cater to millennials then maybe whiskey tasting and trendy finger foods like avocado everything. For a senior crowd, a restaurant or movie theater with a theme of the Summer of Love, Disco or a hippy theme would be a fun experience.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is an event space that is one of the trending, stylish spaces you can use to keep with trending local locations. As a former bank, you’ll find our building’s architectural style rich with marble and mahogany accents. Give us a call today to discuss your company’s event and your needs for a space and catering.