There are many event spaces in San Jose, but when it comes to weddings Villa Ragusa stands out as one of the most beautiful and romantic buildings.

Event Space in San Jose

Originally, Villa Ragusa, an event space in San Jose, was a bank with many architectural accents of marble and mahogany. It was redesigned as an event center, becoming one of the most popular spaces for wedding receptions.

Adding to the building’s design from an era gone by are the beautiful balconies that enhance the beauty of every event room. There is something about balconies with ceiling to floor sheer curtains that bring romance to the ambiance. Guests can sit outside to enjoy a quieter area to sip wine and socialize with friends while overlooking the city of Campbell.

Parking Space

Parking can be an issue at event centers, but there is plenty for your event at Villa Ragusa. We have a limited amount of space around the building, however there is a very close parking facility that will handle the guest parking for your event. It is just few steps to Villa Ragusa.

Type of Events

Villa Ragusa handles just about any event you are planning. We are a very popular location for wedding receptions, engagement parties, anniversary and birthday parties and other private gatherings for your friends and family.

We offer a dance floor for your event as well as a full bar and catering. If you’d like to use your own caterer, we are one of the rare event spaces in San Jose that will allow outside catering. We are happy to support whichever professional caterer that you choose. We want to make sure your event is as perfect as possible for your celebration. Give us a call to discuss the event you’re planning. We’re ready to help you.