The best thing about a small intimate wedding is that you have a free hand on many things. You can skip on many wedding traditions and be a bit creative.

Entertainment is one crucial area that can help keep the energy going for the small group. You can incorporate some interactive elements, and you won’t have to worry about the small things such as skipping the bouquet toss.

Focus on the Guest Experience

Smaller parties often have a richer experience because of the easier interaction and quality time with everyone. Think of the touches that can make the celebration feel exclusive and unique. For example, you can arrange for a private tasting or even a personal chef.

A wedding is never complete without the Kodak moments. Consider setting up a photo booth that accommodates the interests of your guests. A variety of face masks and costumes for the photo shoot behind the charm of European architecture at Villa Ragusa may stoke the interests of everyone.

For the drink reception, you can have a magician do their thing with card tricks. Add harps for their most romantic sounds, and you can have them at the drinking reception. The relaxing view of Downtown Campbell at Villa Ragusa only serves to make the moment even more special.

Add Personality

A small intimate wedding allows you to break away from the tradition and experiment with some great ideas such as a designer wedding cake. The event organizer at Villa Ragusa can give you a hand with some fun ideas.

Disco is a party essential, and it should incorporate a playlist that spans two to three generations to get everyone dancing.

Other ideas include a table trivia to entertain everyone between courses. You can also have an awards ceremony for such categories as best man and best-dressed guest. And everyone will have the time of their lives.