Recognizing the progress that an employee makes goes a long way toward encouraging their growth and performance. It might take some time, but these employees are gaining skills and experience that will prove invaluable in future. Thus, recognition is akin to investing in an employee.

You may have a junior staff that always makes small mistakes in their presentations, but encourage them with small rewards. Recognizing an employee’s effort, such as an exceeded quota or new customers acquired, is a reward strategy to keep them engaged and productive.

Certainly, employees’ recognition is only effective when they are consistent with business goals. Identify the qualities and achievements to be rewarded. But this should be with the company milestones at the back of the mind so that expectations of who deserves the rewards the most can be set. Consistency and fairness are vital components when recognizing the employees.

A Performance Recognition Party

A public celebration at an event space such as Villa Ragusa creates the perfect experience for the employees. They feel valued and part of the larger family in the organization.

GE Healthcare is an example of an organization that embeds employee recognition into its culture, and it is to a great effect. The firm incorporated a creative spin into employee recognition. This was through a wall-mounted dashboard highlighting individual achievements and Friday meetings at comfortable restaurant settings. The new strategy ensured that employees became comfortable after a major overhaul of GE Healthcare’s organizational structure.

You can take a leaf from organizations such as GE Healthcare and treat your employees to a sumptuous lunch or dinner as a reward for the various achievements. This can be through gifts and encouraging words.

Indeed, there is nothing more encouraging for employees than hearing their supervisors or team leaders shower them with praises for their efforts. It encourages them to be better and more productive.