Your most essential clients deserve VIP treatment to show how much they mean to the business and to create lasting memories. This can be through an invite-only event that adds value and allure.

You can use various VIP upgrades, such as a tiered-ticket program to define the desired level of engagement and experience. You allow the clients to determine how much they experience.

But something like this requires careful planning to control costs and to achieve efficiency.

Make it an Invite-Only Event

Fear of missing out, or simply FOMO, is a vital element of a VIP event. Create a list of your top-tier clients and arrange for industry influencers or thought leaders to grace the event. A VIP event will feel more special when attended by an exclusive list of people and intermixed with industry celebs.

VIP Parking Lots and Ridesharing

The VIP experience should start right off the bat. This is through transportation to the event and an exclusive parking lot.

Partnering with ride-sharing apps or shuttles for discounts can create a seamless experience from the start. The clients will feel appreciated even before the event starts, which enhances the mood of the entire event.

Convenience in the Event

Convenience during the event is often overlooked, but it is as important as anything else. Make it easier for your VIP clients through such facilities as VIP breaks, restrooms, and easier ways of entry to the event.

Typically, a tight schedule and a relatively large crowd of attendees are a recipe for frustrations if not organized appropriately. An event space such as Villa Ragusa has sufficient amenities for a small or large group of attendees.

It may seem subtle, but quiet and quick breaks for everyone are a vital component of a successful event for VIP clients.

For more ideas, always feel free to reach out to Villa Ragusa’s event organizers to help in planning.