The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of corporate events is dull and uninspiring. Most company events are devoid of creativity, but nothing is set in stone.

You can transform your next corporate shindig into a night to remember with creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Here’s how you hack it:

Ace the Location

Your choice of event space can make or break an event. Look for a unique and unanticipated venue, such as a historic building or an outdoor space with a stunning view. It’ll set the scene for an unforgettable night and give your invitees something to talk about long after the event is over.

Get it Right with the Food and Drinks

While a fancy dinner is nice, it’s not always necessary. Instead, think about serving interactive and unique food stations—for example, a DIY sushi station or a build-your-own-taco bar. And don’t forget the drinks! A signature cocktail can add a special touch to the evening and make it feel like a true celebration. Good thing Villa Ragusa allows you to bring your own caterer.

A Jig Always Works the Magic

A live band or DJ is always a crowd-pleaser, but why not think outside the box? Consider hiring an entertainer for a show-stopping performance that your guests won’t soon forget. And if you really want to go the extra mile, hire a photo booth or set up a green screen for fun and goofy photos that will be shared for weeks.

And a Little More Personalization

Whatever the case, never forget about the minute details. Personalized swag bags, a themed photo wall, or even a step-and-repeat with your company’s logo can add elegance and make the event more exclusive.

Creating a memorable corporate event experience is about creativity and attention to detail. Villa Ragusa is a unique venue, serves interactive food, and allows unexpected entertainment so that you can turn the corporate event into a night to remember. Contact us today!