The contemporary work and social models have made our time together more valuable and more precious. It is, therefore, important that every planner orchestrates every meeting to contribute to a CSR ethos of the firm.

Local Community Outreach

The best way to reduce the carbon footprint of the corporate event is by using public transport, cycling, and even carpooling. Villa Ragusa is in a good location, accessible, and with sufficient parking.

The small town friendly atmosphere in Downtown Campbell, where Villa Ragusa is located, is perfect for the carbon footprint reducing activities. You can volunteer within the local community as an option for team building. Donate to food banks and social enterprises to give back to the community.

Commitment to Sustainability

It’s increasingly becoming imperative to integrate ethical and sustainable practices in all stages of event management. The event managers at villa Ragusa are well-versed to these needs and will be at your disposal. The event space is also committed to sustainable practices, and all the staff will be reading from the same script.

Comfort and Well-Being

The well-being and comfort of the guests is an excellent recipe for a successful corporate meeting. This is a sound strategic investment to improve the overall experience of the event and transform people’s actions.

The Villa Ragusa space is well-designed with European architecture and is spacious and comfortable for large and small groups. The rooms have sufficient natural light and a balcony where you can enjoy the view of downtown Campbell.

Villa Ragusa boasts a variety of sumptuous dishes that every guest will enjoy. The menus are also customizable to accommodate any unique preferences. There is less food wasted and, therefore, less organic waste.

Furthermore, the right food has a direct impact on productivity and cognition. These are factors that contribute to a successful corporate meeting.