There are still spaces left at Villa Ragusa for your company holiday party. There are rooms available that can seat under 200 guests up to 600 guests. But time is running out. You need to book very soon.

Company Holiday Party

The company holiday party can be a party the staff enjoys and looks forward to attending every year. It is particularly anticipated when this party is where the end of the year awards are issued, annual commission bonuses and holiday checks are distributed. If turkeys and hams are handed out, so much the better. You might want to hold back on the fruitcakes, however. Nobody loves the fruitcake.

Villa Ragusa goes the extra mile to make sure your company holiday party this year is the best yet. We offer full catering, from buffet style to sit down dinners or luncheons. We have a full bar available and experienced waitstaff, cocktails servers and bartenders available.

The dance floor is always heavily used whether you hire a band or go with one of our popular DJs in the area. Photo booths and entertainers are always a fun time, if your schedule allows for a lot of free time for fun activities.

The event coordinators at Villa Ragusa are happy to give you suggestions on what works well for corporate holiday parties. We also keep a list of vendors, so we can direct you to local entertainers that specialize in making sure your guests have a wonderful time.

Booking a Venue

Villa Ragusa currently has time slots open around the holidays. It’s important that you book the day you need very soon, as we get fully booked by November. We have a beautiful space that accommodates company parties well and we have convenient parking.