Personal achievements such as promotions or graduations are special as they usher in a new phase in our lives. As an organization, celebrating the anniversary or birthdays of employees enhances the bond you have with them, and they become more committed and loyal.

Celebration of personal milestones can either be anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and newborns. Giving special attention to these events establishes a family-like bond with the employees, and it pays off in kind, of course, in the long run.

But as an organization, how do you do it the right way?

Sponsored Experiences

As your employees spend more time in the organization, their value to the organization increases as well. Their acquired skills and experience make them guardians of your organizational culture and a source of competitive advantage.

Whether it is a work anniversary or other personal milestone, the company can honor the employees through sponsored experiences such as adventure trips, amusement parks and a private dinner party at places such as Villa Ragusa.

Renting an event space such as Villa Ragusa has the benefit of making the celebration a public one where you shower the beneficiaries with gifts and certificates.

Time Off

Giving the employees paid time off during the special day to spend with loved ones makes them feel the organization appreciates them. Include employees’ birthdays on the timesheet, and task the team leaders or the supervisors with knowing and reporting on the birthday of everyone.

Gifts and Coupons

Baby gift hampers for parents who have just welcomed a newborn, or vacation packages and gift vouchers for newlyweds greatly affect the employee’s experiences and the way they feel about the company.

Restaurant coupons that promise a 50% off for a special dinner have a special way of making the employee feel important. The company can enter into a partnership with a restaurant so that employees can enjoy discounted prices for their favorite meals with their friends and relatives.

Indeed, your employees are your most important resource. Treat them as such, and you get their loyalty, productivity and cooperation that gives your firm a competitive advantage.