One of you proposed. The other one of you accepted. Now tell the whole entire world about your engagement and celebrate your excitement of your commitment to each other with friends and family. Here are some ideas and what is next for the two of you lovebirds.

Engagement Party!

You simply must, must, must have an engagement party. Of course, this is necessary for an obvious reason, it’s one of the best excuses for a party! You want all of your friends and family to share in your joy, get drunk then give you loads of hilarious advice, some of which will actually make sense, so listen carefully.

You want an elegant party with a bit of a crowd. So, book a room that can fit both of your families and besties. This isn’t the type of party where you go super small, because you’ll need the joy to keep flowing.

While you want a bit of a crowd, you don’t want to upstage your own wedding. Everyone will expect your wedding to be way better than the engagement party, so minimalize the party aspect of this celebration.

A nice dinner and some kibitzing before and after the dinner would be perfect. But save the photo booths, entertainers and lavish party favors for the actual wedding. This party is all about your best peeps telling you congratulations and giving you advice on having a wedding and a little about what to expect from married life.


Rent a room and have it catered. Parties are exhausting to set up and tear down. You and your future spouse should do the planning, possibly with the help of a professional event planner. Then turn it over to your favorite caterer and Villa Ragusa for the room.

Congratulations on your engagement from Villa Ragusa. We hope your engagement party and wedding ahead is everything you dreamed it would be.