Once your kid has learned to walk and talk, the next important milestone is starting school.

Only a handful remember their first day at school. While everything else is foggy, you’ll remember the first gold star or award you earned for reading all the words correctly. That’s how we are; we remember achievements.

In the current society, education is as vital as the limbs, and what better way to emphasize that to the child than through a small party to celebrate the milestone. Your child will remember the day as a special one, and they’ll love the opportunity to learn and satisfy their curiosity. As social beings, we love celebrating achievements with others, so your child will do too.

Include Cakes, Chocolates and Sweets

Children know the importance of a day with the food, drinks, and people attending. Have the usuals such as celebration cake, biscuits, cookies, soft drinks and chocolates. Most importantly, have other kids attend (these will be their age-mates and colleagues in social groupings).

Crowns and Performers in Superhero Costumes

Make the day enjoyable through play and laughs. Professionals such as crowns with experience making children happy can be part of the celebration. Their magic tricks and jokes will engage the young audience.


While the usual suspects such as confectionaries and toys are great to have at any party involving kids, insist on gifts associated with education. For example, relatives and friends can bring drawing books, educational games and toys, and others that may help the child develop an interest in education.


Children love spacious and fun-looking spaces such as Villa Ragusa. Customize it based on an educational and fun theme, with small details emphasizing education and curiosity. You can have letters of the alphabet, vowels and animals. When they finally start school, the child will recognize these (an excellent way to jump-start their curiosity).