There is no better way of showing your gratitude to guests than through personalized wedding favors. They never go out of style, especially if you can’t find the right words to express your appreciation. Wedding favors should be straight forward not to take a significant chunk of your planning time. Even so, they should be meaningful and practical to create everlasting memories.

Personalized Wedding Stoppers

The perfect wedding favor can include a personalized wedding stopper. Usually, there are various designs to choose from, and each of them can melt the guests’ hearts.

Personalized Hand Sanitizers

Personalized hand sanitizers are the best way of killing two birds with one stone. You keep your loved ones healthy and, at the same time, show gratitude for the support and love.

Personalized Wine Label

A winery themed wedding is for the specific guests with a taste for the finer things in life. It is almost impossible to turn down a delicious bottle of wine, especially if it has your label. The guests will remember and appreciate your big day as they toast back at home.


No matter how creative or perfect the wedding favor may be, it would not mean anything if the venue’s location and type is not up to the standard. For example, a candy gift basket will not augur well in the outdoors, especially in the summer heat.

A great event venue, such as Villa Ragusa, will make it a truly memorable wedding event. The event space has a modern touch of decor, architecture, and amenities. We have a banquet hall that can hold up to 650 guests for a wedding reception. And to spice everything up, our event staff is at your disposal for wedding favor ideas and reception assistance.