Outside catering is now a thing and there is one wedding venue that allows outside catering in the Silicon Valley. That venue is Villa Ragusa. We feel that our guests should have the caterer that they want, in order to make their wedding reception perfect. So, we’re happy to help you have your reception menu any way you’d like it to be.

Wedding Venues That Allow Outside Catering

It is unusual for wedding venues to allow outside catering, but Villa Ragusa gives you that option. Outside catering is no longer for just the budget-minded wedding couple, it’s for even the most extravagant weddings, too.

When you use your own caterer you can have those perfect dishes only their chef can create. Have specialized menus featuring out of the ordinary cultural entrees and provide menus for specialized diets. You can create any type of meal when all the options are open in the Silicon Valley for your wedding reception.

Outside Catering Guidelines

You’ll need to plan ahead if you won’t be using the in-house caterer at Villa Ragusa, because we do have some guidelines that need to be followed. Here are a few tips you need to know for planning your event with your own choice of caterers.

  • December is the only month where we cannot accommodate an outside caterer.
  • The caterer must be a city-licensed, health department approved professional.
  • Your caterer must do a walk-through with Villa Ragusa a month before your event.
  • The caterer needs to have an onsite manager during service.
  • Alcoholic beverage service will be provided by Villa Ragusa.
  • There are guest minimums to meet for outside catering. Each event room has its own minimum.

How to Use Your Own Caterer

We’re happy to have your choice of caterer at your event at Villa Ragusa. Please ask about our catering policies when you contact us for event information.