It is very common that a banquet hall will not allow any outside catering. And, if some halls find any unauthorized food at your event they’ll give you a hefty fine for each item! Yikes. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a banquet hall in The Bay Area that allows you to use their catering or an outside caterer of your choice.

Banquet Hall

If it is a very special occasion like a wedding reception or an anniversary party, of course you want everything to be perfect and exactly the way you’d like it at the banquet hall. The food is a very big part of your event. Villa Ragusa believes that you should have exactly what you want.

Villa Ragusa is just fine with you using your choice of licensed caterers. We do have some guidelines that the caterer will need to follow to make sure everything is done according to health code and they become familiar with our food prep areas.

Unfortunately, we are not able to allow home prepared food or food prepared by anyone that is not licensed to do so in California. This is not up to us. We believe you that Aunt Mildred does a beautiful job and would never make anyone sick, however, the law requires Aunt Mildred to have a licensed catering business that has all the proper food handling permits.

Your Event

When you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party, be confident that Villa Ragusa will allow you to use any licensed caterer you choose. You can use caterers for vegan, kosher, halal, vegetarian or ethnic foods, we are fine with that choice. Of course, you can always use our in-house catering, too. When you book your event in our banquet hall, ask about our outside catering policies.