Every company needs some time for strategic thinking to choke out the technical issues that may affect the health of the organization. That is why a candid conversation among the members of your leadership team in your firm is essential, at least once in a while.

Well, the best way of bringing together motivated staff whose primary interest is to solve problems is through a think tank session. Villa Ragusa provides the best environment away from the office for investigating and diagnosing problems.

So, What Do We Have to Offer?

Sufficient Space for the Corporate Staff

The event space at Villa Ragusa is entirely sufficient for small groups as well as groups of up to 650 people. Sometimes, it is necessary to examine the current problem management process, and a classy venue helps create the right environment for change thinking.

A granite foyer, marble columns, and natural woodwork, not to mention a balcony that wraps around the meeting space, are motivating. It will keep the conversation flowing in the right direction, without interruptions. The event space has sufficient natural lighting and a relaxing environment to keep the agenda tight.

Professional Catering

Professional catering is available to spice up the sessions. Our breakfast and luncheon menu has a variety of options to suit the preferences of those in attendance. We are happy to customize the menu that your technical and business leaders will appreciate.

A variety of hor d’oeuvres and buffet-style dinner menus is at your disposal. Villa Ragusa can accommodate whatever request you have to make the session as comfortable as possible. We also have a full range of wine, soft drinks, beer, and cocktails to suit your change champions.

Your group can focus on problem-solving while our event organizers take care of the rest.