Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party

The bar/bat mitzvah is one of the most important for the parents of Jewish boys and girls. As a result, it has become one of the essential celebrations in recent years. If there is a bar/bat mitzvah coming up, there are a few considerations that should be at your fingertips.

Pick the Date

Before you can make any bar/bat mitzvah plans, you will need to know, among other things, the actual scheduled date of it in the synagogue. Everything will revolve around this one date.

Depending on the congregation size, the date assigned may go as far as three years in advance. But in normal circumstances, this date is as close as birthday.

Decide on the Party Venue and Entertainment

A lot depends on the crowd size and the location of the party. What size crowd do you intend to have, and where do you want to hold the party? Afternoon or evening?

Will the party be only for kids, or you’ll include other ages? Will the menu be kosher or non-kosher?

Choosing a great setting such as Villa Ragusa saves on decorations, and the events manager is always at your disposal to help with your plans. And most importantly, if you’re going kosher for the event, Villa Ragusa allows you to use your own caterer. Please contact our staff for more information.

Typically, entertainment theme depends on various factors, such as your budget and audience. Ideally, choose a good balance to accommodate different age groups. You can hire a disc jockey to entertain the kids during the cocktail hour for the rest of the crowd.

Food and Beverages

The typical food and beverage options that you can discuss with the caterer include passed hors d’oeuvres, carving station with roast turkey or beef and the kids-targeted hors d’oeuvres such as hummus with chips or mini-tacos.

Do you plan on having separate menus for adults and kids?

For the main reception and cocktail party, decide on an all-cash bar or partial open bar. Villa Ragusa has great bar options where kids can also get smoothies and soft drinks.

Contact us soon to ensure the perfect day for your child’s special day.

The Proper Order of Wedding Dances

The Proper Order of Wedding Dances

Every culture has their own traditions and dances. If you’re having a traditional North American wedding, then these are the standard wedding dances you will be enjoying.

Wedding Dances

There is a proper order for these wedding dances, but these days people tend to enjoy mixing things up and doing something different from time to time. So, feel free to do them in a way that fits your wedding plans.

Newlywed Couple’s First Dance

The 1st dance will be for the bride and groom to dance their 1st dance as a married couple. This is the dance that has everyone’s attention as they watch the happy couple hold each other while swaying and listening to everyone’s cheers.

Parents Dance

Immediately after the couple has had their first dance, it’s time for the parents to join them. The bride will typically dance with her father and the groom typically dances with his mother. If the parent is not present, then a substitute from the family will replace the parent.

Wedding Party Dance

Next onto the dance floor is the wedding party. The groom will dance with the maid-of-honor and the bride with the best man. All the bridesmaids dance with groomsmen, the ring bearer with the flower girl, and the ushers with each other or their dates.

Wedding Guests Dance

Once the above dances are completed, the guests of the wedding are invited to join the dance floor.

Money Dance

Late into the reception the Money Dance begins. The bride dances with guests and they pin dollar bills to her dress then they dance. It’s a lovely way to add a little cash to help the newlyweds start their life together.


When you book your wedding reception at Villa Ragusa, we have plenty of room for you to have all of the dances you’d like to have at your wedding. We’ll even provide a dance floor.

What to Know When Renting a Social Hall for a Party

What to Know When Renting a Social Hall for a Party

There is plenty out on the interwebs about renting a social hall for a wedding, but what about when you’re having a private party? Your mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary or having a Gone With The Wind costume party just isn’t the same as a wedding reception. So, here are some things to know when you’re looking for a location for this shindig.

Social Hall

Renting a social hall can be tricky. Here are some things to ask when you go in person to see the venue.

  • Probably 75% of people who RSVP will show up. Make sure the room can fit that many very comfortably.
  • Ask about the catering policies. You will never be able to bring your own food. Most social halls insist on doing the catering, rarely can you choose your own caterer.
  • What is the charge for bartenders, alcohol and waitstaff?
  • Find out if there is adequate parking included.
  • Does the room come with a sound system?
  • What is the time all guests must leave?
  • Is there a cleaning fee?
  • If you’ll have entertainment and dancing, then be sure they have a dancefloor.
  • Ask about the cancellation policy should an expected disaster happen that requires you to cancel the party.
  • Are tables, tablecloths and table settings included in the rental, if you’ll be having a meal or snacks?
  • Is there a smoking area nearby? Yes, some people do still smoke, and you’ll need to warn them if it is a nonsmoking property.

Your Next Party

When you rent a social hall it makes your party much more enjoyable for the guests and for you. Give us a call at Villa Ragusa to discuss the private party you’d like to have at our beautiful facility. And we will allow you to bring in a caterer, if you chose to do so.

Party Room for Your Anniversary, Birthday or Family Reunion

Party Room for Your Anniversary, Birthday or Family Reunion

When you rent a party room at a social hall, it allows you to focus on just the gathering of friends and family and the fun of the event. Sometimes hiring a caterer to serve the food and having a large facility is the perfect choice. Planning your party is exhausting enough, so let the hall take care of the other details.

Party Room

When shopping for a party room for your event, be sure to pick a size room that matches the guest list. You don’t want a room that is too big and you don’t want a room that is too small. Both of those problems can make your guests uncomfortable or keep them from participating in the festivities. You’ll need just the right size room for the size of the group to ensure people will be comfortable and to encourage socializing.

If you plan to have music, you’ll want a room with a dance floor. This makes it very easy for people to jump up to dance and lots of room for both adults and children to have a great time. Not all social halls have a dance floor, so be sure to ask.

Villa Ragusa’s Party Rooms

Villa Ragusa has many rooms in their facility and all of them have an outdoor balcony for guests to have a quieter spot to chat with a friend while taking in the view. The rooms can easily be expanded or reduced in size to create the perfect sized room for your event, without having to use those big plastic pull curtains.

Give Villa Ragusa a call to discuss your party room needs. We’re happy to help you create an amazing event for your celebration.

The Importance of the Social Hall in Conferences and Private Events

The Importance of the Social Hall in Conferences and Private Events

There are a lot of options in the Bay Area for social halls for your private events and business conferences. Here are some things to look for to make sure your event is a great success, makes your company look good and will be an event that people will talk about for years.

Social Hall

Especially when your event is a business conference, the social hall can set the tone and the corporate image. When the location is a little run down or very blank with movable walls, it reflects on the host’s corporate image. It is important to have a solid, well designed building that speaks to your company’s lasting ability and trustworthiness.


Most conferences offer a buffet with a several hour timespan. It shouldn’t be so long that it overlaps with speakers or meetings, but long enough that people don’t crowd the buffet all at once. Served dinners are another option for dining for more formal events. Most social halls offer both styles of meals.

Outside Catering

Does this venue allowing outside catering? Sometimes an event will have special dietary requirements that the venue doesn’t accommodate. You don’t always have to pass on the location if they allow you to bring in a caterer.


Will decorations be allowed?

Public Address System

Is a PA system in place for your conference or will you have to provide your own?

Additional Rooms

Are additional rooms available so that you can have simultaneous meetings?


Is parking available that will be enough for your expected number of attendees?


There are many things to consider when putting on a conference, but the first thing to consider should be how the location makes your company look. It is all about first impressions and well, the food. Everyone has a great time when there is great food. As a social hall, Villa Ragusa facility makes for an impressive event and the food is fantastic!